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Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Shocking simply shocking..

Obama “maybe’ not good at governing?

Wow..Now that is a revelation!!
Or maybe he just won’t, can’t, does not  know the difference between truth and lying?

And no. This does not shock me, all Obama does is lie!!

Transparent? How about tyrannical and despotic?

Apparently the Obama Regime feels they are unaccountable and above the will of the People?

Time to change that crap..

Appears that now fighting back when your in trouble and threatened…

Is the wrong thing to do..

Makes one think that the best thing to do if something like this happens…Is just leave quickly..Not saying a word and hoping there were no witnesses…

Because why put up with this shit if you have to defend yourself from thugs, murderers, or Government types?

Are you a ‘rugged individualist’?

If so it is apparently unacceptable to be. They do not want those whom are independent…

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Hi, I am a humanitarian...I love this planet, my home, your home, our home...I have been a blogger on WP for some years and downs but still think it;s one of the best. . I want to bring love and light... We have to look out for each other...we are all we have...

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