Great egret, buzzards, singing blackbird

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This video is about a great egret in Spain.

Today, along the old harbour of Hilversum, nuthatch and robin sounds.

A jay calls in Corversbos nature reserve.

In Gooilust nature reserve many chaffinches today. Great tit. Blackbird. Great spotted woodpecker sound, playing drums on a branch.

A great egret flying over a meadow. I had not seen that species here before.

Two buzzards flying.

Two jays.

Then, a blackbid singing. That is supposed to start in spring; and it is not eve New Year’s Day yet! Probably the unusually mild winter weather.

This video is about a blackbird singing.

In a meadow: two Egyptian geese; a grey heron; many jackdaws, and some rooks.

A robin on a fence in another meadow.

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Human rights are under attack in post-tsunami Indonesia: The legacy of 2004

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Aceh civilians, especially women, are under siege from Sharia-inspired criminal bylaws which have become increasingly common across Indonesia

Here’s a seasonal snapshot from Indonesia’s Aceh province: on 20 December, dozens of militant Islamists rallied outside one of the largest hotels in Banda Aceh, the provincial capital, threatening violence if the hotel management attempted to organise Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebrations. The protest was to support an edict from the province’s leading Islamic cleric’s organization, the Consultative Ulama Council, prohibiting Muslims from any recognition of the Christmas season.

Welcome to Aceh, nine years after the Indian Ocean tsunami that devastated the province and left 221,000 of its people dead or missing. The unprecedented international response to the tsunami, which affected 14 countries including Indonesia, included US$8bn for emergency assistance to Aceh’s survivors and to fund reconstruction of roads, schools and housing. The massive destruction also jump-started peace talks between the Indonesian government and…

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