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Mother Theresa

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The Ripple Effect: The Heartbeat to Eternity


Uploaded on Dec 11, 2007

Drop a pebble in a still pond
and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring
The Ripple Effect is rooted in the belief that all we are all connected by our shared Humanity.


~~Description of Physics~~

Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring.
Two well known Principles of Physics are Wave Theory and Entrainment.
Wave Theory teaches us that a wave will continue to travel out, never changing its initial shape or frequency.
It also teaches us that when two waves intersect each other, the height of the effect is the sum of the heights of the two individual waves.
Entrainment is the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that…

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Controversial Seralini GMO-rats paper to be retracted

Retraction Watch

food and chemical toxicologyA heavily criticized study of the effects of genetically modified maize and the Roundup herbicide on rats is being retracted — one way or another.

The paper — by Gilles Seralini and colleagues — was published in Food and Chemical Toxicology last year. There have been calls for retraction since then, along with other criticism and a lengthy exchange of letters in the journal. Meanwhile, the paper has been cited 28 times, according to Thomson Scientific’s Web of Knowledge, and the French National Assembly (their lower house of Parliament) held a long hearing on the paper last year, with Seralini and other scientists testifying.

Now, as reported in the French media, the editor of the journal, A. Wallace Hayes, has sent Seralini a letter saying that the paper will be retracted if Seralini does not agree to withdraw it.

Here’s most of the November 19…

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Generous tips at Christmas shows there is hope for America

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As many of us write about all the hate in the world, people come out of the woodwork and surprise us when we least expect it. One or more anonymous donors using an AMEX Centurion card are leaving tips sometimes worth thousands of dollars at restaurants in the name of Jesus. Speaking of Jesus the restaurants receipts were signed as “Tips For Jesus”.

This act has been going on as early as September 8 as an instagram account posted a $3,000 tip for a charge a little over $87.00. This charitable act was not isolated in any way. Accounts from Utah, San Francisco and Chicago have also been posted online by the same anonymous donor or donors in the recent months. Generous acts like the tipping going on in this nation brings a glimmer of hope during a time where America has been divided on every level…

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The Lord mighty in battle


“The Lord mighty in battle.” Psalm 24:8

Well may our God be glorious in the eyes of His people, seeing that He has wrought such wonders for them, in them, and by them. For them, the Lord Jesus upon Calvary routed every foe, breaking all the weapons of the enemy in pieces by His finished work of satisfactory obedience; by His triumphant resurrection and ascension He completely overturned the hopes of hell, leading captivity captive, making a show of our enemies openly, triumphing over them by His cross. Every arrow of guilt which Satan might have shot at us is broken, for who can lay anything to the charge of God’s elect? Vain are the sharp swords of infernal malice, and the perpetual battles of the serpent’s seed, for in the midst of the church the lame take the prey, and the feeblest warriors are crowned.

The saved may well…

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