French parliament bans genetically modified maize

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France’s lower house of parliament passed a law Tuesday prohibiting genetically modified (GM) maize from being grown, citing environmental concerns. The law can be applied to any GM strain that is adopted at EU level.
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Scientists discover how to make ethanol using just water and CO2

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AFP Photo / Joe RaedleScientists at Stanford University in the state of California say they’ve developed a procedure for making potent liquid ethanol that doesn’t rely on corn or any other crops traditionally involved in the process. The researchers disclosed their discovery in the latest online edition of the journal Nature, and in it they say that in less than three years’ time they expect to have a prototype device ready that will make biofuel from using not much more than carbon monoxide, easily derived from carbon dioxide.

We have discovered the first metal catalyst that can produce appreciable amounts of ethanol from carbon monoxide at room temperature and pressure – a notoriously difficult electrochemical reaction,” wrote Stanford’s Matthew Kanan, a co-author of the report released this week. The scientists say that they are still a ways from developing said prototype, but believe they are on the right track…

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The Forbidden Secret

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Published on Dec 8, 2013
This is Dr. Stanley Monteith’s mindblowing video lecture The Forbidden Secret, which reveals the source of the power that has been utilized by sages, adepts, witch doctors, shamans, priests, prophets, wise men, diviners, and mediums down through the ages.

Secret societies have existed since the dawn of civilization, and they exist today. What is their purpose? Adepts claim they possess secret knowledge that provides fame, power, and prosperity. Is that true? Why are some people fabulously wealthy while most people struggle to make a living? Why do almost half of the people in the word live in abject poverty? Where does the secret knowledge come from?
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Fourth Anniversary of Gulf Oil Spill: Wildlife Is Still Suffering from Toxic Cover Up

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As we noted at the time, and on the first (and here), second and third anniversaries of BP?s Gulf oil spill, BP and the government made the spill much worse by dumping toxic dispersant in the water in an attempt to to sink ? and so temporarily hide ? the oil.

In addition, adding dispersant makes oil 52 times more toxic than it would normally be.

EPA whistleblowers tried to warn us?

Gulf toxicologist Susan Shaw told us last year:

Covering up the [Gulf] oil spill with Corexit was a deadly action ? what happened in the Gulf was a political act, an act of cowardice and greed.

(60 Minutes did a fantastic exposé on the whole shenanigan.)

And the cover up went beyond adding toxic dispersant. BP and the government went so far as low-balling the amount of oil spilled, hiding dead animals and keeping…

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Many immigrant workers dying in Qatar

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Malaysian trade unionists supporting the Building and Woodworkers International campaign to investigate all Qatar construction deaths From daily News Line in Britain:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


On International Workers Memorial Day, 28th April 2014, it is time to call the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by its proper name: a humanitarian crisis, says the International Labour Organisation.

At least 1,380 workers from India and Nepal are confirmed to have died since 2010, when Qatar was first awarded the tournament. Construction is only just beginning to get fully underway.

The twelve stadiums that remain to be built are just a small fraction (6%) of the planned World Cup infrastructure projects. There will be a new airport, metro lines, roads, a proposed bridge to Bahrain, 100-plus hotels and much more.

As the kick-off approaches, up to a million additional migrant workers – who already make up the vast majority (94%) of…

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IRS Demands Ron Paul’s List Of Donors..(Probably Because He Is Critical Of Action In Ukraine)

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IRS Demands Ron Paul’s List Of Donors..(Probably Because He Is Critical Of Action In Ukraine)

Love or hate Ron Paul, he is usually spot on regarding foreign issues, albeit a few I don’t agree with but for the most part, he is right on – especially regarding Ukraine.  Last month, the fascists in W.D.C. advised us dumb sheep that if we were critical of Ukraine, we could be punished:  Against Ukraine War? Obama May Seize Your Assets – Ron Paul Institute 

Ron Paul PAC says they will defy the FEDS/IRS:  Ron Paul group to defy IRS  Hat tip 

SO, is this how we are gonna play in the USA? If you’re critical of a Prez’s insane warring actions, you get summoned by the IRS?  This is nothing but intimidation. Period.  And, Bush did it, too, folks.  Clinton, Nixon, etc.  This is not…

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Stop the Noise

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Dear Human,

I was beginning to feel deeply saddened, frustrated, irritated even, by everything that seems wrong upon this earth.

My mind was like a television, blasting with dreadful news of suffering, war, needless death and other thoughts I cannot birth.

20140415-154508.jpg So I slid on to bended knees … breathed out … and let go of what I can’t control.

I realize a little better the value of things that cause pain. I know a little deeper that everything that happens in life is purposed – and somehow meaningful gain.

Now that my mind is quite, I see some of the things I know deep down inside. I understand misery, I accept suffering like I do joy – as part of life’s beautiful ride.

“Ssshhh,” I say unto myself, “There’s so much inside of you that is just waiting to be heard.”

And in this moment of calmness, when…

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Missing boy found in claw machine at bowling alley

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(WNEP) LINCOLN, Neb. — A child reported missing by his mother was found safe inside a claw crane machine at a nearby bowling alley in Nebraska on Monday.

According to KETV, the child’s mother called police around 5:30 p.m. after she discovered her 3-year-old boy was not inside her apartment.

At the bowling alley across the street, a little boy was found sitting with stuffed animals inside a claw crane machine. Employees called the vendor who quickly arrived and let the boy out.

While police were investigating the mother’s missing child report, they were told about a boy found inside the claw crane machine at the nearby bowling alley. The mother was reunited with the child who is reportedly doing fine.

According to police, the mother was not cited because she contacted police as soon as she noticed the boy was missing.

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New Video: Comfort Inn Editing By Jhene Aiko

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Love this song and this video I have been racking my brain trying to post this but damn Vevo wont let me!!!!! so here is the link to the video on Enjoy.

Thought I told you not to trust these Heaux

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