False Flag/ IsIs Attacks on Journalist and EBOLA

Their “propaganda” machines at it again.

What are these robots or paid people?

It has been documented it was acting,  (actors) like Sandy Hook,  to try and bring in what they want to do to Americans.

And the “disease”  was manufactured to cause an emergency for martial law.

Which we need legit people under the Constitution in office in the first place, which they are clearly not.


They can pump out what they want, that is not going to stop people from fighting for humanity.

And the ones assisting, should really not sleep at night, and should be ashamed of themselves.

The world is watching.

Much luv and peace to all involved the world.



Ben Fulford and David Wilcock Opinions, September 1st, 2014

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fulford_b&wBen mentions the hack-attacks against the big banks and the Fed’s recommendation that central banks be allowed to hand cash directly to people. He suggests that the Fed thinks they can keep their money-printing machines if they hand cash to people, but there is no mention of the “helicopter drops.” He goes on to talk about this week’s NATO conference in Wales, and a blurb about ISIS.

I think his mention of Kissinger’s disappointment the the NWO is falling apart and that the US military is refusing to get sucked into WWIII are the best parts. -LW

Last week, the White Dragon Society asked the communist government of China to stop financing the Nazionist crime syndicate that has illegally taken over the Republic of the United States of America. The request was sent via a senior Japan based Chinese agent. It was explained that rolling over the rogue…

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He Was Going To Die Of Hypothermia, Until These DEER Did Something Extraordinary

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When young Ryan became separated from his father while in the mountains, the temperatures dropped to a dangerously low level. As hypothermia set in, Ryan feared for the worst. Then 2 wandering deer changed everything.

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RT: Hope US won’t help Ukraine as it did Libya and Iraq – Lavrov

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No matter what the fear porn that is being put out there now, reality is to be found in these business deal that have been and are going forward. It’s all about shutting down the cabal’s money, and moving away from the fiat dollar. Jim Willie’s interview yesterdaygave great insights into this fact. See several related posts today:

. . . . ~J

Published time: September 02, 2014 11:40
Edited time: September 02, 2014 13:19

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.(Reuters / Sergei Karpukhin)

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.(Reuters / Sergei Karpukhin)

Russia hopes that the US won’t help Ukraine to establish a democracy, in Libyan or Iraqi style, and will support both the Kiev authorities and the self-defense forces in…

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Vaccines cause brain damage: the mothers know, by Jon Rappoport, September 2, 2014

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I’ve spent many pages laying out how the medical cartel plays semantic games, in order to “prove” vaccines don’t cause “autism.”

There’s a simpler conclusion.

The mothers know.

They know what happened to their children. They don’t need sophisticated analyses. They don’t need disease or disorder labels. They don’t need the very doctors who administered the vaccines turning around and lying to them.

And the lying is vicious. It’s coming out of the mouths of physicians who are indifferent to human life.

Doctors, underneath their layers and layers of hostile fakery, know the truth, too.

So does the CDC. That agency spends billions defending the indefensible.

William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower who recently admitted to gross fraud and lying, in order to exonerate the toxic MMR vaccine…he knows, too.

He knows the fraud is rampant inside the CDC. He knows it isn’t just a matter of one subset of…

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British Parents Who Pulled Son from Cancer Ward Won’t Be Charged

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British prosecutors will not press charges against a couple for taking their 5-year-old son from the cancer ward of a hospital without warning and flying to Spain to seek alternative treatment for his brain tumor.

The couple was arrested in Malaga, Spain over the weekend, where they were arranging to sell a home to fund an alternative treatment that they said could only be found outside the U.K., CNN reports. The withdrawal of their son from hospital sparked an international manhunt.

Brett and Naghmeh King said they felt they had no choice but to remove their son from treatment at University Hospital in the southern city of Southampton, after doctors there refused to agree to proton beam treatment that the parents argued was less invasive than chemotherapy. Their son, Ashya, suffers from a malignant brain tumor called medulloblastoma.

“We pleaded with them for proton beam treatment,” said Brett King…

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