The Constitution is valid or not, or only good for parts?

What is the Constitution, a old chevy in the yard, used only for parts?

Everything that has been created is for them and aids in the suffering of the righteous…

What kind of laws are made regarding the Constitution, that some can be pulled out at convenience? Would it be logical that if you recognize this, then you must also recognize that? The Constitution was not made to sit on a shelf be ignored, then when you want to ask, “can it come out and play” it comes out play ball for awhile then go back in the house til the next time you come a- calling.

The Constitution was tampered with, and clearly some “Acts” is in opposition to what the document is about. But as always in 1985 it happened, the same people doing this, was back then doing that changing things or hiding things, like JFK’s executive order, the 13th Amendment, hiding the Bankruptcy “Act” of 1913, the Common Law Grand Jury (the fourth Branch Of The Government)  I mean if your going to use it, use it all not a part. Where does it say anything about paying allegiance to a foreign entity in the Constitution? And one, that has been accused and indicted for war crimes against humanity?

All that is null and void, or should be, in 1985, the same people are taking over America, using the Constitution for power, which really under it none of them really have it. Yes, through deceit, but not truth if the Grand Jury does not issue and indictment, under the Constitution it is not giving any other branch power.

The Sheriffs are to serve the people,  and if only lawful indictments are valid? Then how does the Sheriff or “law enforcement” agencies, (which are not even mentioned or thought about in the Constitution) giving power or authority to them to violate anyone’s rights? You can not use the Constitution for your purpose only? If you recognize a part, then you recognize it all. And it says, no emergency can suppress the Constitution and that includes unalienable rights. And they can not be given away, under no laws, especially repugnant to the Constitution.

When they come up with something to hurt Americans, it’s always something that is so wrong, your logic makes you speak on it. Not to be combative, but to bring the truth out, if it’s nothing but to say

” do whatever, but stop insulting our God given intelligence” .

Many are not stupid, we can’t be, we are not trying to hurt them in anyway. But because of the truth they are just treating Americans any kind of way. If you do Americans any kind of way at least you know we know, and the world knows. And I let you know, and that brings a inner peace you can’t take.

Many passed, not knowing, they were in charge, they were the boss.

Their rights were unalienable, I thank God that at-least I know,  Much luv  peace and truth.

Hong Kong: First Talks Held Between Government and Protest Leaders

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Hong Kong student leaders and government officials have held talks to end pro-democracy protests even as the city’s Beijing-backed leader reaffirmed his unwillingness to compromise on the activists’ key demand.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying told reporters that the government will not let the public nominate candidates to run in inaugural direct elections to succeed him in 2017, as demanded by thousands of protesters camping out on main streets across the city.

But he added that there is room to discuss how to form a key 1,200-member committee that would pick candidates.

Mr Leung said such changes could be covered in a second round of consultations over the next several months.

“How we should elect the 1,200 so that the nominating committee will be broadly representative, there’s room for discussion there,” Mr Leung said. “There’s room to make the nominating committee more democratic, and this is one of the things…

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Ten Ways to Love …. take a look!!

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~~October 20, 2014~~

What more could be said about the way to love?

Covering the most important angles. 


#TenWaysToLove #ListenWihtoutInterrupt #SpeakWithoutAccuse #ShareWithoutPretending

#PrayWithoutCeasing #GiveWithoutSparing #PromiseWithoutForget #AnswerWithoutArgue #EnjoyWithoutComplaint #ForgiveWithoutPunishing

#WeAllAreOne #ItIsWhatItIs #DrRex #hrexachwordpress


We ALL are ONE!! 


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Imagine a test designed to tell if a person was worthy of our time, passion, emotional investment, a way to tell if someone was worthy to be loved.

What questions should be included on such a test? Would it be a sliding scale? Letter graded or pass/fail?

It seems a ridiculous idea but we give these tests each day to countless people. We look them over, listen to them talk, observe their behavior and grade them on their worthiness to receive our love. We withhold ourselves until they take a test written by our biases, culture, upbringing and then stamp them with approval or disapproval. Our love becomes a commodity to be brokered. “What will you give me in return for an investment of me?” As a result of failings, foibles and flaws many go unloved.

Worthiness to be loved is a simple test that we make complicated. If someone is breathing…they pass. When someone…

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Quote: Mind Control

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“Tell them the biggest lie, yes. But, they have to want the kind of lie you’re telling. It has to give them equal parts of fear and fascination”. ? Ellis Medavoy, retired propaganda operative

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