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SEPTEMBER 13, 2014


“The mass awakening is already causing the collapse of the Controllers’ empire”

“The mass awakening is one of the major reasons why the Controllers’ empire is falling apart. The mass awakening is causing a major shift in our consciousness; therefore, increasing our awareness and allowing us to see who are truly running the world. The only way the Controllers can achieve their dark agendas is to do them in secrecy. This is why it is important that we educate others about these topics so we can increase their awareness. Once enough people wake up, the right people in the right situations will take the necessary actions to stop the Controllers from destroying our lives and future.

We also need to share ideas with others instead of hiding our ideas because we do…

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Nature vs nurture” — Why biological psychiatry is so sorely misguided

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natureGenes are not deterministic. Epigenetics explains why. This is why theories on mental illness that try to blame genes are always over-simplified. Environment and what you eat and the amount of stress or trauma one lives with all are part of the picture.

The genetic and biological models allows the luxury of ignoring past and present social factors, says, Gabor Mate. He calls the genetic argument a cop out.

This is a segment from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011). Watch the full documentary online here

The below is a really great segment.


More on this topic on Beyond Meds:

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Firefighters reinstated after American flag controversy, fallout continues

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A group of suburban firefighters who had been relieved of their duties for refusing to remove patriotic flags from their lockers and helmets were reinstated today.

Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh had issued a mandate for the removal of the images but Wednesday he said, “After review, I made a decision to put department issued flags on every locker and in every locker room.”

Even so, tonight union reps will ask for the chief’s resignation. They’ve also filed charges with the labor relations board against the chief for creating a hostile work environment and for accusing a lieutenant of being racist.

To Jesus Aguire, an Army Staff Sgt with the National Guard who served two tours in Iraq, it’s more than just a sticker.

“It feels wrong,” he said. “I was offended that they would want me to do something like that.”

Firefighters reinstated after American flag controversy, fallout continues…

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Baltimore Skyline Lit Up In Red, White And Blue To Honor National Anthem

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With the nation’s eyes on Baltimore, Charm City is shining on the 200th anniversary of our national anthem.

Marcus Washington has more on the moving fireworks display at Fort McHenry.

The night ended with a “bang” as the Baltimore skyline was lit up in red, white and blue. It was one of the biggest celebrations to hit Baltimore in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner.

“It’s awesome. I’m glad that they’re able to experience something like this. I think it’s something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”

The celebration brought families from near and far.

“Everybody’s coming together to be patriotic, to recognize the fact that we’re Americans and that we share a common history.”

[worldnow id=10582362 width=320 height=240 type=video]

There were also some of the top dignitaries from Baltimore, Maryland and the United States.

“Does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave, O’er…

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The Geopolitics of World War III

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World War III – A Funeral For All Humanity?And I think we should ALL REFUSE to PAY for these same wars!!! World War 3 is back on the minds of many bloggers , its not FEAR mongering, its the Dream the ELITES have for all of MANKIND.. Well it will FAIL…. As this wont happen, I would rather Quote saying ” PEACE cannot achieved in a system, Where there are people who makes PROFITS ON WAR ” Unqoute .. Well if we humans Keep being SHEEPLE and let the ELITES shape our Destiny… Them am More Feared of What Einstein Quoted  ” I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” … So i guess This CABALIST needs to be arrested & peace had to be maintained

~ Galactic human ~

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Worried About Worrying

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Mental Rest

Negative worry, leads to energy lost.

Positive contemplation, leads to energy found.

Negative worry, leads to intuitive paralysis.

Intuitive paralysis, leads to confusion and, nothing gained.

Yet, positive contemplation, leads to clarity, and, positive action.

Positive action leads to great gain, less pain, and more sane.

Everyday, everyone should find a quiet place in the house, and devote five minutes to simply sitting in restful contemplation. Do not use this time to go over any negative issues. The idea is to give your busy mind a break from being busy. It would be best if, during this time, you didn’t think about anything at all. One way to do this, is by simply listening to the rhythm of your own breathing. If your mind wonders, that is okay. Just don’t allow it to think of any negative images or issues. If it does, pull it back to something positive. Use…

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Spoken Poetry: Hush…

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Hush, my darling

Don’t say a thing

Just listen to my voice

When your heart is breaking


Hush, my darling

Please, do not fade

My body is away now

But my love for you stayed


Hush, my darling

Don’t you cry

You can see me looking down

When you look at the sky


Hush, my darling

Do not despair

Even though I am gone

And life is unfair


Hush, my darling

Don’t be hurt so deeply

My pain is over now

And my spirit is finally free


Hush now, my darling

Please, do not hide

My soul will always and forever be

right by your side…


Just Patty

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Till Now

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Your name whispers across my dreams

Do you hear me across the distance

Are your dreams filled with me

As mine are with you

When I reach for you in the night

Do you feel my caress across your skin

From our final soft good-night

My eyes close and sleep overtakes me

I feel you wrap around me, pulling me in

My chest beats a tattoo, a rhythm of night

Sending primal messages, I chase eagerly

Through drenched sceneries we raised

With laughter and talk of other things

We build realms for us to explore

Shadows and silk trap me within reveries

Imagined by us for pleasure alone

I soar, unbound by any chain of propriety

Landing only when I hear your call to return

The weight of desire holds me to earth

Unremembered till you, unknown till now

Are you real, my heart tells me yes

Valentine, 13 September 2014

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29 missing after ferry mishap in Philippines

At least 29 people are missing after a ferry lost control of its steering and was hit by huge waves in waters off the central Philippines on Saturday (Sep 13) night, the government’s civil defence office said.

— gReader

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