Obama and the progressives are committing suicide all over the place

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By Dr. Laurie Roth Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First – We must know the difference between truth and fiction.

Evil and power seekers are all around us to strike daily blows at our egos, hearts and souls. Deceitfully winning elections using negative campaigning, lies and disinformation is classic and expected in America now. We now yawn with boredom when anyone on all sides of the political lines run for office. We expect the attacks and compromise on critical issues and snipe at each other, with both running to the 50-yard line.

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UFO VIDEO: Filmed Sightings 2

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I only have access to footage that is a Creative Commons attribute, therefore, I am limited with what I can publish. Nevertheless,I urge all who wish to share footage of this nature to do so under a Creative Commons License – the larger the library the more visual insight, concerning UFO activity will be readily available.

We all need to take note about what is occurring upon our planet, particularly were Unidentified Flying Objects are concerned. Are they non-terrestrial craft? If so are they malevolent or benevolent? My answer to that is simple – many are of non-terrestrial origin, and many are benevolent, whilst many are far from it!

Do our governments know about them? Simple answer – yes!


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Glyphosate Herbicides Now in Pregnant Women’s Breast Milk

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Agricultural chemicals are progressively making their way into your body whether you are trying to avoid them or not, according to several recent studies in the US and Canada. A prime offender is glyphosate, the main toxic ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup. Glyphosate is both an herbicide and a pesticide.

Multiple scientific findings suggest that Monsanto and global regulatory bodies have been wrong about the lack of bioaccumulation of glyphosate-based agricultural chemicals.

If you are eating processed foods or foods from nearly any restaurant, odds are very high you are getting loads of this toxin, and if you are a pregnant woman, you may be passing them along to your unborn child via your baby’s placenta, umbilical cord, and in your breast milk. This is gravely concerning as there is mounting scientific evidence that Roundup may be even more toxic than DDT.

As a result of the latest findings regarding bioaccumulation…

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“Nuke Cancer” from 9/11 Revealed

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A new and terrifying 9/11 conspiracy has hit the news. We are now confronted, not only with startling proof that 9/11 was a “nuclear event,” but that there have been thousands of unreported deaths in New York, radiation cancers and nearly 70,000 being kept alive with experimental stem cell therapy and physically devastating “chemo.”

One of the biggest medical cover-ups in history was exposed this week when Wall Street brokers suffering from cancer after 9/11 made the news. While telling their story, the New York Post revealed that 70,000 New Yorkers have applied for 9/11 victim compensation, most for cancers that can only be attributed to direct exposure to ionizing radiation from nuclear weapons.

Officials would not give a breakdown of cancer victims, but 10,800 downtown workers make up the second-largest group of registered claimants after 39,500 Ground Zero responders. There are another 16,600 in smaller categories such…

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18 Scientifically Validated Reasons to End Public Water Fluoridation

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Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Many people are coming to realize that far from improving dental health, the fluoridation of municipal water and many store bought foods and drinks is actually detrimental to our overall health. What was once a widely accepted practice is now being scrutinized and condemned by many prominent physicians and free-thinkers, and the scientific evidence to support these condemnations is mounting.

Recently a Harvard medical study claimed that ingesting fluoride leads to a loss of IQ in young children, which is remarkably frightening by itself.

Now, another study has been published, taking a thorough look at the pros and cons of ingesting fluoride. Conducted by Stephen Peckham and Niyi Awofeso, and published in The Scientific World Journal, this new research paper begins with the following important introduction, which calls for an end to public water fluoridation:

Fluorine is the world’s 13th most abundant element and…

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The Rwanda Genocide Coverup: Twenty Years of Lies and Fabrications. The Anglo-Saxon Powers vs. France

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by Antoine Roger Lokongo
Carla Del Ponte and Paul Kagame were increasingly at loggerheads.
Del Ponte, a former Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals: the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International?

Vía Global Research http://ift.tt/1hfp1Rb

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Global meditation – Earth Day – with Julian Lennon

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Great meditation, I really enjoyed this one! Much love, ~A~}

PUSH PLAY AT 9:30PM EST! Apr. 22nd, 2014

Listen with headphones for the best experience.
As always, our meditations are FREE. If you feel so inclined, donations will be accepted for the White Feather Foundation (http://www.whitefeatherfoundation.com) . ALL monies received will be used for humanitarian and environmental purposes only. Your donation will contribute to projects that support sustainable and green initiatives across the globe. The White Feather Foundation is established under the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Donate here to The White Feather Foundation


The April 22nd Earth Day meditation is synchronized. Please join in at your specified time. If you live in the Eastern Hemisphere of the world, please join in at 9:30 PM JST. If you live in the Western Hemisphere, please join in…

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